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1. Forum Purpose: The purpose of this forum is to provide a respectful environment for open, insightful discussion surrounding the weekly scriptures. It is a way to engage you—our parishioners and friends—in conversation around the foundation of our faith.

2. Guidelines and Ground Rules

a. Usernames: To ensure that all users are accountable for the comments that they post, MyBasilica usernames will automatically be attributed to each post.

b. Discussion: Our goal is to foster strong, faith-based discussion and a supportive, open environment in which to communicate. Please be considerate when posting comments. Remember that tone plays a large part in how comments are received by others. Please use a respectful tone, and refrain from using inflammatory language.

c. Limitations: We hope that all of our users will respect our vision for this forum, and support our efforts in creating open and honest communication. The Basilica of Saint Mary has the right to remove all posts that are inflammatory, disrespectful, off-topic or misleading in nature. In addition, The Basilica of Saint Mary has the right to ban all users who do not comply with our Blog Policy.

d. Monitoring: Posts will be monitored daily and removed as necessary. The Basilica of Saint Mary also has the right to edit comments for length, as well as spelling/grammar.

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