2019 Parish Council Candidates

Please take time to vote. The Parish Council represents you - our parishioners. The Council plays a key role in working with the pastor to ensure that The Basilica of Saint Mary community continues to live out our mission and vision. 

We are in need of two parishioners to serve on our Parish Council - one to represent our Liturgy and Sacred Arts, and the other to represent the Learning ministries. By filling out this ballot, you will help elect two new members to the Council.

We are pleased to announce our candidates, who are well qualified and exhibit the spirit of stewardship, volunteerism, and leadership that make The Basilica of Saint Mary such a special place.

Please take a few minutes to read the biographies included below. They are written in each candidate’s own words and chronicle their personal commitment to The Basilica and its vital programs.

Thank you in advance for your participation and your continued support of The Basilica. Deadline for voting is 5:00pm Monday, June 3.

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Liturgy and Sacred Arts

The Basilica’s Liturgy and Sacred Arts department is dedicated to the best celebration of our faith through quality liturgy that reflects both the tradition of the Catholic Church and the diversity of our community. In addition, we are committed to offering a rich variety of sacred art events and exhibits as a compelling way to communicate our faith and values. Our goal is to provide a variety of opportunities for the development of each individual’s liturgical and devotional life.

Nadia Weber

Nadia Weber
Member since 2007- Incumbent

I am originally from Honduras and came to Minnesota 13 years ago to study at the University of Minnesota Dental School. I looked for a Catholic parish and found The Basilica of Saint Mary. It felt like home. I loved everything The Basilica represents and does for the community. I have participated with the program Loaves and Fishes. I serve as a Eucharist minister and with my husband Greg, we lead two hospitality teams.

I am a Dentist and in my free time I love to help others. I volunteer with several dental programs providing free dental care for the underserved populations of Minnesota. The programs that I volunteered for are Special Olympics where we do dental screenings for athletes and Special Smiles program. I have also joined Give Kids a Smile program which is sponsored by the Minnesota Dental Association.

I have worked with International Health Services of Minnesota organization, where I am part of missionary trips that bring dental and medical services to my home country of Honduras. I am blessed to be able to serve with the skills that God has given me. Being part of the Parish Council at The Basilica has been a fulfilling experience, I would love to continue to serve our Basilica parish and help reach the goals The Basilica has for our community.


Gary Summerville

Gary Summerville
Member since 2015

I am a baptized Catholic attending The Basilica since 2007. I am attracted to the breadth and depth of services offered where everyone is welcome where ever they are in their faith journey. I initially volunteered with Liturgy as an Acolyte. As my appreciation for The Basilica grew I joined the Altar Guild, Facilities Committee, Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA), Landcare Team performing work and recruiting volunteers and helped Sacred Arts set up major exhibits.

My formal education is in accounting, economics and administration. Beginning in accounting, migrating to capital project delivery, I am a University of Minnesota retiree. I have extensive experience in selecting construction designers and contractors; contact development, execution, administration; project management; capital project budgets and schedules; and project closeout. I managed the departmental budget and staff.

I have a son, daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren (one was and one will be confirmed at The Basilica). Leveraging my Basilica volunteer and past professional experiences, I believe I am qualified to assist The Basilica with current operations and in strategically planning its short and long term future.


Jan Buczek

Jan Buczek
Member since 1985

I have been a member of The Basilica family since the mid 1980's. I am twice widowed, have six children and their spouses. I am Grandma to 16 grandkids and 10 great-grandkids. At the age of 50 I graduated from St. Kate's in Pastoral Ministry. I am so graced to be part of the ministries of Eucharistic ministers, lectors, and now a new acolyte. I also am a weekly volunteer at North Memorial Health. My hobbies include reading, creating greeting cards, and playing golf. I decided to “toss my hat into the ring” for Parish Council to add my talents to The Basilica vision of being a home of “spiritual nourishment, a beacon of hope, and an advocate for change.” The continued mission of diversity has been such a gift. We welcome one and all no matter where one is on their life’s journey.


Matt Celichowski

Matt Celichowski
Member since 2006

The majority of my professional experience consists of technology leadership roles in information security. I am a longtime Basilica member with my wife, Nicole, and our four kids. Nicole and I bring our family, not because there aren't other parishes in St Paul where we live, but because we really want to be here. As a family we participate in various roles in the liturgical ministry including lector, usher, and acolyte. Participating in liturgical ministry is about more than wearing cool robes; it's about the opportunity to serve the community and God in a transcendent way. 

I want to serve on the Parish Council as the liturgical ministry representative because there is a need for us to continually discern our future path in light of a changing world. A big challenge for us as a parish is to build on our successes in engaging the community in an environment where many question the need to 'sign up' for a specific church. The Basilica's liturgies are a critical avenue for visitors and new members to encounter God and the special nature of our community. I'd like to help the parish council engage with these issues, bring my own ideas, and help us continue to grow into the people we are made to be.



Providing quality lifelong learning and faith formation opportunities for children, youth, families, and people of all ages to engage with Christian scripture, Catholic teachings and traditions, and sacramental preparation.

Lee Maguire

Lee Maguire
Member since 2000 - Incumbent

I am running for re-election to be the Learning representative for Parish Council. It has been an honor to serve the parish in this role, and I feel that the amount that I have learned as to how the Council functions has been invaluable. I would like to be able to continue in this role in order to improve my involvement in the myriad programs that we are currently working on, including the Diversity and Inclusion program with the Penumbra Theater, and the long term Strategic Plan, to name two things.

Having taught in faith formation for over 20 years, I have a passion for the development and education of our youth as they grow within their religion. Understanding that the future of the Church is tied directly to the future of the young people within the church, helps one understand why there is such a priority for faith formation.

There continue to be challenges which we face as a Council and a parish and I will always strive to bring your voices to the forefront as we address and resolve these challenges. I look forward to being able to continue to serve The Basilica as best I can in another term with the Parish Council.


Donna Bonicatto

Donna Bonicatto
Member since 2014

I came to The Basilica in 2014 in search of young adult fellowship, having heard that the young adult ministry was highly regarded. I did indeed find fellowship as well as a church that I feel embodies my values of social justice, inclusion, and modern Catholicism. Since joining The Basilica, I have been a part of several different ministries including as a counselor with the employment ministry, a leader for The Basilica Young Women, and participant in the weekly young adult bible study. Recently, I attended the Call to Discipleship Volunteer Leadership Series and I currently serve as a Eucharistic minister team leader.

Outside of the church’s walls, I am a social worker for Fairview Home Care in which I work with older adults and their families to connect them with community resources and provide support through health transitions. In reflecting on the church’s vision, I am drawn to the aspiration of being a “Beacon of Hope.” Given my professional experience and desire to “seek the wellbeing” of the Church, I would like to be considered for the parish council, representing the Learning ministries.