Event Planning Opportunities
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Community Service Planning Team Make a different in our parish community and beyond by helping imagine, design, and plan two large community service days for The Basilica. You will work with a team of leaders alongside Basilica staff to research and decide the community service projects The Basilica takes on.
Gifts Leadership Team Provide leadership for the parish-wide effort to equip members for ministry. The mission is to create and nurture an environment where everyone in our faith community can recgognize, claim, and use their gifts in living our their baptismal call. Work on communications, annual ministry fair, pledge of time and talents. Monthly meetings and completion of tasks and projects outside of meetings.
Parents of Young Children Leadership Planning committee for speakers and events geared towards parents of young children.
Young Adult Planning Team Meet with other young adults to plan and implement a variety
List has 4 jobs on 1 page


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